Micro Outsourcing

No task is big or small.

A task based outsourcing.

My main problem with outsourcing is the idea that you have to employee a full-time worker to run an aspect of your business.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep a single person occupied for 40 hours a week – Especially when this person is limited in their particular skill set.
Microsourcing is different from traditional outsourcing.  You don’t hire one or two full-time employees.  Instead you leverage the special skill-set of numerous workers.  Each person has one job to do for your Internet business.

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Welcome to Boolean Array. A company which prides itself on it's experience and excellent Technical team service since 2011.

We offer various app and software development, application support and maintenance services including Office 365 SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Cloud solutions, apps (iOS, Android) for small-mid-large organizations. A complete one-stop-shop for all your IT needs.

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