Virtual Assistant 


A virtual assistant can support your business in a variety of ways!

General Administrative Support

  • Email and calendar management

  • Ordering office supplies

  • Managing business and client contact lists

  • Handling outreach for in-house staff recruitment

  • Designing and ordering business cards for you and other agents in your team

  • Conducting research on topics related to the real estate business

  • Handling routine paperwork involved in the business operation

  • Creating a back-up of important office files

  • Writing business tasks and office procedures for in-house employees


  • Managing all social media accounts

  • Monitoring competitors online

  • Handling website or blog updates

  • Creating fresh content for online marketing

  • Reaching out to potential industry partners for marketing purposes

  • Researching for industry trends, news, and updates

  • Posting important company events or milestones for PR purposes

  • Conducting email marketing, from the creation of email templates to bulk sending

  • Monitoring overall progress of the marketing campaign

Listings Management

  • Preparing listings presentation for potential clients

  • Making arrangements for client appointments or meetings

  • Researching for data on properties to be added to listings

  • Verifying legal names of property owners and deed types through online public property records

  • Organizing gathered data on properties for sale/rent

  • Entering property data on real estate software (if used)

  • Gathering updates on properties and updating information on listings

  • Attending to the needs of sellers regarding their property’s listings

  • Creating property brochures based on existing listings

Client Support/Correspondence

  • Handling inbound calls from potential and existing clients (inquiries and updates)

  • Responding to emails from all clients

  • Preparing materials for buyers’ seminars

  • Providing property information for interested buyers

  • Following up on prospective renters and buyers

  • Creating and rolling out client surveys

  • Sending out newsletters to clients

  • Asking referrals from existing or previous clients

  • Creating monthly reports for clients if needed

  • Prepare greeting cards or gifts for the important clients

Travel & Event Planning

  • Preparing itineraries for your travel

  • Booking your transportation

  • Booking your hotel and accommodation

  • Searching for restaurants or leisure attractions

  • Booking for meeting venues and needed conferencing equipment

  • Finding directions to specific locations

  • Managing your emails while you are away

Appointment/Schedule Management

  • Organizing your monthly, weekly or daily schedules

  • Providing reminders for important tasks or events

  • Furnishing important documents needed for meetings and other events

  • Keeping track of appointments with clients and business partners

  • Drafting important points or questions for meetings or presentations

  • Coordinating with clients and business counterparts for appointments

  • Searching for significant real estate industry events for you to attend

  • Preparing schedules for other personnel such as real estate inspectors, property photographers, etc.

  • Managing records of accounts receivables

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? 
Contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!
Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? 
Contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!

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