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Projects & solutions

SharePoint is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While it is increasingly robust and powerful, companies can significantly grow the value they achieve through SharePoint from customization that truly makes SharePoint "theirs" and indispensible. Customization need not be difficult. That's why we're here!


Count on our agile development and expert SharePoint coding  experience to create an optimal solution for your unique SharePoint application and integration needs. Boolean Array's SharePoint Custom Solutions will maximize your:


  • Workflow & Forms for Business Process Automation

  • SharePoint Reports & BI Integration

  • Portals & Collaboration

  • Content Management

  • Custom Social functionalities

All, while using proven Agile Practices for faster delivery, higher quality, & increased business value.


Our specialized team knows SharePoint development and coding best practices. We deliver functionality with exceptional code quality, maintainability, and reliability. Our metrics to show it, time and again.

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