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SharePoint Managed Services



What is a managed service? The basic premise is that you are hiring a vendor to assist you in taking responsibility for specific aspects of your SharePoint environment. The goal is to offload the required work to a trusted organization that will add security, stability, credibility, support, and peace of mind to your SharePoint implementation, regardless of whether that implementation lives in-house or in Azure, is hosted with a hosting provider or another cloud service, or on Office 365.


If done correctly, it’s like having an IT infrastructure expert, SharePoint administrator, SharePoint developer, SharePoint architect, business analyst, etc., who are familiar with your environment and available when you need them--at a fraction of the cost of hiring all those skills, even on a temporary basis.




A single SharePoint administrator does not understand all aspects of the platform. You can acquire a breadth of skills on an as-needed basis versus the limited skills of current employees.


If your SharePoint "administrator" or support person isn't doing SharePoint full-time, then they are not an expert in it.


Maybe you aren’t large enough to warrant a full-time administrator, but you still need the expertise. Your organization may need more skills than your current administrator or may need additional resource has but does not have the budget to bring on a second, third, or fourth resource.  

You need some expertise in a certain area of SharePoint for just a few hours or a day. Finding someone who will come work with you for three hours is going to be very difficult, and they will most likely think they are doing you a favor.


A large number of SharePoint experts don’t want to be in the support business. Your typical Solutions Architect, someone with a very long pedigree of knowledge and experience has invaluable information that you might need to tap on occasion. After revisiting the “Three Hour Rule” above, having access to these people on-demand is extremely difficult. The right Managed Service vendor will have these folks on staff. A good Managed Service company will have the balance in place to retain these folks for projects, and have them available for some truly difficult support issues when they come up.


What do you do when your current administrator leaves your organization? Do you have good documentation? If you have experienced this pain in the past, it is one of the main reasons many organizations are using Managed Services to help support their environments.


You must understand the risks of not having good administration, support, and current patching if you have little to no formal support currently.

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Boolean Array’s SharePoint support team becomes part of your SharePoint environment to provide unprecedented 24x365 service. There is no standard al la carte list of SharePoint expert activities you are restricted to. We perform any SharePoint support task anytime you need it. It’s that simple.

Boolean Array’s SharePoint monitoring services encourages your SharePoint experts to focus on the things that really matter and alleviates them from the constant worry of potential SharePoint alerts. Boolean Array operates 24x365 SharePoint monitoring and support with on-shift SharePoint experts – not just on-call rotation – supported by our delivery centers in Toronto and Kolkata. Utilizing multiple remote SharePoint monitoring locations enables our team to cover the time zones in which our clients operate.

Boolean Array’s SharePoint assessment services will enable you to execute your plans for success with precision and confidence. In any company, a baseline is an important starting point for all parties to agree upon and shape future plans. Boolean Array’s SharePoint assessment is that baseline.

SharePoint tuning is a blend of art and science that not all SharePoint professionals can accomplish. When considering the various designs, configurations and usages within complex IT environments, it is critical to trust in a SharePoint expert that has substantial experience providing tuning and optimization effectively.

SharePoint is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While it is increasingly robust and powerful, companies can significantly grow the value they achieve through SharePoint from customization that truly makes SharePoint "theirs" and indispensible. Customization need not be difficult. That's why we're here!

Our administrators perform the latest upgrades across multiple environments every day using various methods, testing, configuration and fallback routines. We service any version, any complexity – and have completed many of them in the past few years.

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